Stickery’s small van life

This is a good place to start for instruction for navigating   I’ll try not too get to wordy.   First off you will repeatedly see me refer to “small vans”.  This is meant to encompass both the North American style of minivan and what I will call city cargo vans (NV200, Transit Connect, Promaster City).  They are indeed very different, yet have the same requirement for minimalist construction. 

The blog posts you see on the home page are the latest of what I have posted.  There isn’t any priority or arrangement on how these go up.  Originally I had thought about posting on builds start to finish.  This however became unworkable and nothing was going up (reference the ADHD point in About Me)  I guess that method can be for the e-book.   So now you will see posts as I think about it an write in no particular order.   If you want information even faster follow me on Instagram @mini.vanman.   The Instagram will have less polish and a project there might also be abandoned as  unworkable.  At some point I will get the YouTube channel going probably also small van life.  Seems like a good way to convey information,  but like web pages I don’t have a lot of experience in it so I’m learning.

To navigate small van life There is a menu across the top. Click on it and you it will take to the subjects.  The DIY project page will take you to a master list of projects.  Click on an item there and it will pull up a category of posts.  For example, Water System pulls all posts related to water system projects.   I may include some specific category links in the top menu as well.  I  just have to see how space allows.  In other words, don’t necessarily expect the top menu to be static.  Expect it to change.  a click on the Mini Van Man logo gets you back to the home page.

About Affiliate links –  You will notice there are no ad banners or pop up advertising on these pages.  I pretty much despise them and paid money so you and I did not need to put up with them.   Consequently, I have decided to use affiliate links to fund the page and any of the items I’m testing out.   My intention is to provide links whether I have an affiliate arrangement or not.  I also always say, use the link as an idea or a start point.  Then look around for the best deal on an item. Items change quickly all the time, prices also change.  Just know if you start on a affiliate link here and go to a commerce site, I will still get a few pennies.  But still, shop around.  I will come up with a way to let you know if a link is affiliated.   

Thanks for stopping by small van life, I hope these pages prove helpful.

This site is still under construction so please be patient.   But soon you will find a links to other pages into that will guide you in the process. Just a heads up to give a chance