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I’m a retired research scientist who decided to take on the challenge of making small vans into campers.  It seemed like interesting retirement activity .   I like camping, I had a minivan so the challenge of making a comfortable camper inside the van seemed only natural.  I’ve always had a curiosity for tackling problems and this certainly fit.  

My grown children often tell me that I suffer from adult ADHD, and while I don’t deny it, I believe that it has helped me stay focused on what truly matters. I have a knack for quickly shifting my attention to new ideas or approaches which allowed me to stay creative and innovative throughout my professional career.  Now I’ll try to bring the same to my camper builds. 

My purpose of this site isn’t to build some sort of van conversion business.  To speak frankly, I wouldn’t  expect there is much money in building out small vans. This site is about sharing ideas that I hope will prove helpful to someone building their own small van conversion.    Just so you understand my motivations –  I’m motivated by good ideas and good design.   

Having ADHD (offspring diagnosis), I readily admit I can get distracted and lose track of what I’m working on and end up with a multitude of projects in various states of completion.  I want you to understand this as you work your way through my website so you can gauge your expectations appropriately.  I’ve learned to manage it (somewhat) over the years, and I’ve found that taking breaks and stepping away from a problem can often lead to breakthroughs.  It also helps to have a wife that kicks me in the ass occasionally to get organized and get moving. 

I’m excited to share my knowledge and experiences with others. I hope to inspire others to think beyond the status quo to think differently and push the boundaries of what’s possible in small spaces.  Commit a little heresy.

I use Stickery as an online nickname of sorts.  Originally I used it to keep some separation between by social media writings and my professional writings.   Now I’ve just sort of grown fond of the Stickery persona since I’ve had it for at least 25 years.  

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